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Mac Trailer

Quality Trailers largest of its vendor family in terms of the number of different trailer

Models we currently represent. MAC Trailer now encompasses over 668,000 square feet of facilities on campuses over 115 acres with a staff in excess of 1100 employees. Product lines represented by QTL include all aluminum Step and Flat Deck Platform, the aluminum MAC “MVP” (MAC Vertical Panel) MACLOCK product line of SMOOTH-SIDED constructed trailers, the all-aluminum B-train stinger, the world’s first all-aluminum extendable trailer, Dry Bulk Pneumatic Tanks that meet both US and CAD requirements, Crude Oil, Liquid and fertilizer tanks and now, after rave reviews, all eyes are focused on what new trailers and tanks MAC come out with next!

For MAC Trailer, technology is not something you purchase, but rather have the vision and ability to create.

Mac Platform Trailers

Hook on to a MAC Platform Trailer and experience first-hand why operators are saying; “My Wagon Ain’t Saggin”!

Mac Flat Deck – Leading the MAC line-up, the flat is recognized as the benchmark of aluminum platforms in North America. Outstanding empty weight of 9,840 lbs. on base 53 ft. x full 102” width (no pockets, spools or rub band) set-up to receive Sliding Systems, Inc. – std. aluminum curtain side kit, weighing 2,440 lbs. total combination weight: 12,280 lbs.

Mac Super B Flat Deck – the all-aluminum B-train stinger allows the Mac Super B to tare in under 17,700 LBS

Mac Drop Deck – MAC provides a lightweight, high load capacity drop deck trailer to meet today’s unique and special load demands. MAC’s special process of forming the all-aluminum neck prior to the final heat treatment of the metal, intern maintains the strength properties of the alloy and enhances the structural integrity of the design. The step deck is available in overall lengths from 40’ to 53’ with 10’ and 11’ upper deck lengths.

Mac Dump Trailers

The MAC series of Dump Trailers offer four design configurations in frameless and frame type trailers that are engineered and manufactured to meet your rigorous hauling demands. Whether you are hauling, rock, sand, gravel, asphalt, scrap, salt, construction materials, agricultural products and everything else in between, MAC stands ready to be tested!

Mac Half Round – The lightest round bottom dump trailer on the market, proven its self to be a rugged workhorse in the Mac family. MACsimize your load, aerodynamics, and increase your fuel economy!

Mac Smooth Side – incorporates the unique technology of a distinctive structural snap together side panel that represents the alliance of innovation, engineering and construction by utilizing extruded 6061 T-6 aluminum hollow core, multiple void side panels having full welds on the interior joint and provides a weldless mirror finish exterior side wall for imaging, a design that has been built, tested and proven in Europe since the 1980’s. The aerodynamics of the “MVP” (MAC Vertical Panel) and narrow width dimension of the hollow core panels have proven to enhance fuel economy while at the same time allowing you to gain additional cubic yardage for greater payloads and increased profits.

Mac Pneumatic Trailers

Everyone is looking for a competitive edge. The MAC Pneumatic design, in conjunction with state of the art components, delivers that edge in the form of increased fuel economy, ergonomic controls, shorter unloading times and low maintenance operation. Let the MAC team build your competitive edge.

Whether your dry bulk transporting involves cement or sand, plastic pellets, flour, sugar, feed or ash, MAC offers a size compatible to your haul and piping-discharge to meet your requirements. Should you require a tandem or multi-axle configuration, for Canada or permitted loads, let the MAC team build your competitive edge.

Standard Pneumatic-MAC Trailer
– LOW CUBE PNEUMATIC TANKS- MODELS 1050 – 1250 – 1350 Additional Sizes
– HIGH CUBE PNEUMATIC TANKS- MODELS 1650 – 1850 – 2000 Additional Sizes Available
pneumatic tanks haul the materials from which our world is built. It is the perfect balance of beauty and brawn with a smooth aluminum exterior complete with internal bar type bracing and internal hopper apex reinforcing plates. High quality extruded aluminum front and rear frames to construct the ideal tank you need whether you are on the job site or in the oil field. MAC Trailer offers a host of optional equipment to enable you to customize your tank to suit your operational needs.

Vacuum Pneumatic- MAC Trailer has engineered and developed vac tank trailers with a host of features that establishes a new standard for the industry. Our external rings with abbreviated internal blade reinforcements improve cleaning ability with no reinforcements at the top. We equip out Vacuum with removable piping for easy and quick cleaning. Our external air piping provides permanent labeled controls to reduce driver learning curve and are centrally located to reduce work area and are conveniently accessible from a standing position without overreaching. Hot Air Lines are tucked in low and inboard to reduce the risk for driver injury.

AeroMac – Mac Trailer 1580 and 1615 AEROMAC VESSEL- In a class above the rest the AeroMAC is a Monocoque frameless design with a 100% clean bore smooth interior, external rings and a front and rear void section. This lightweight design is the King of Pneumatic tank trailers offering 102” wide low center of gravity, optional washout nipples, food grade aerators and hoses, easily removable cam-on couplings, conveniently placed wiring and airline accessibility, top of the line hose tube and galvanized suspension hangers with soft coated axles. If you are looking for a tank trailer to make you work like royalty look no further than the AeroMAC, the newest addition to the MAC Trailer Pneumatic line.

Mac Liquid Tankers

MAC LTT’s unrivaled engineering standards coupled with our strong customer relationship will produce a custom trailer that meets all of your company’s transportation needs, whether it is Petroleum Tank Trailers, Stainless Steel Deep Drop Trailer, Aluminum Insulated Trailer, Vacuum Tank Trailers, Double Conical Tank Trailer, Pneumatic Tank or Stainless Steel Insulated Trailers.

– Wide variety of piping, heating and pumping options available
– Professional insulation and jacketing insulation installed for a clean flawless finish
– Aerodynamic options available, including but not limited to, internal vapor recovery systems, over turn protection wind dams, and under carriage trailer skirting.
– Various walk way configurations to ensure driver safety and user-friendly along with being ergonomically designed.
– Designed for user-friendliness and ergonomically safe operation and backed by MAC LTT parts, service, and warranty
– Rest assured that when you go with MAC, our trailers endure a rigorous quality inspection to ensure endurance and safety!

Contact Quality Trailers Today, for a quote from one of our Mac Factory Tank Specialists

XL Specialized Trailers

Truly a specialized trailer manufacturer, serving the construction, commercial, agriculture, wind energy, oil and gas and custom transportation markets. A market leading manufacturer of heavy haul and specialized trailers, XL Specialized offers superior hauling solutions to fit any application, putting Quality Trailers Ltd. in a position to be a strong trailer dealership in Winnipeg and the surrounding area.

XL Specialized 40 Ton XL 80MFG – The XL Mechanical Full-width Gooseneck is the ideal mechanical solution for hauling agricultural equipment. Built with XL quality for longevity and effectiveness, the XL MFG (also referred to as RGN: Removable Gooseneck) meets your agricultural hauling needs with ease. The XL 80 MFG, the market’s most trusted mechanical trailer, now offers even more standard features including an aluminum pullout version the XL 80 MFG Aluminum Pullouts.

– Aluminum outriggers extend up to 27” with 4,400 lb capacity per aluminum extrusion, offering a solution for larger tired vehicles
– Aluminum outriggers have cleanouts to keep the bottom of the trailer free from dirt and debris
– Aluminum pullout outriggers are a lightweight solution for hauling extra wide equipment.
– 6” ground clearance for hauling taller equipment
– Built with T-1 flanges and 80k web for superior strength
– 4 beam main deck
– D.O.T. approved 12V sealed Grote harness with 7 year warranty
– Always striving to surpass market standards, all new XL products feature a 5 year structural warranty
– XL’s one piece construction results in stronger products. Trailer I-beams are made from one piece web and flange and then welded on all sides

Find Your Specialized Solution

XL Specialized Hydraulic 55 Ton – Are you facing the ongoing challenge presented by loads getting bigger, heavier and more varied? The XL Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck Lowboy Trailer is built distinctively to handle the heaviest hauls with ease. Our Hydraulic Detachable Goosenecks are custom-engineered to serve the specific needs of the commercial market.

– Versatility through the many different axle configurations available
– Main deck available in many, lengths, widths and heights
– Hydraulic neck is wider and stronger than the industry standard offering increased stability for high center of gravity loads
– Hydraulic support arm contacts truck frames rails only; there is no need to carry a 4 x 4 for blocking the neck
– XL’s new premium paint process, featuring sandblasting, includes a full 1 year warranty
– D.O.T. approved 12V sealed Grote harness with 7 year warranty
– Always striving to surpass market standards, all new XL products feature a 5 year structural warranty
– XL’s one-piece construction results in stronger products. Trailer I-beams are made from one-piece web and flange and then welded on all sides

Learn how XL can help move your business forward.

Load Line Trailers

In 1988 Owner Jake Friesen Sr. held a firm belief in the value of excellent customer relations. “There is no better form of advertising than by word of mouth. In order for people to talk positive about your business, you need to build a quality product and provide superior service. That is what I set out to do and that is what I believe we have accomplished.” Words we here at Quality Trailers believe in and strive to live up to representing this fine line of trailers.

Tandem End Dump Trailer
– Overall length 24’ / Box 22.5’ Overall length 29’ / Box 27.5’ Overall
– length 36.3’ / Box 31.9’ Box Front: 10-gauge steel with slope

Cross Gate Gravel Trailer
– Available from 29’ to 42’ lengths 42” to 56” wall heights 6” to 12”
– board extensions 8” Bore cylinder Model 21B Reyco spring suspension

Triaxle Side Dump Trailer
– 450 Hardox Two-way side dump 3Reyco air ride suspension on 60”
– Axle spread 15” ride height suspension Holland air slide fifth wheel 18”

Options available for Load Line Trailers are:
– Air ride suspension
– Tarper system
– Paint color
– Hub and wheel style
– Tire model & brand
– Axle spread
– Separate gate control
– Aluminum wheels
– Push block
– Lift Axles

Stoughton Trailers

Located in Stoughton, Wisconsin, our company started as a small family-owned business in 1961 and is now one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of conventional and intermodal transportation equipment. Nine different facilities in the South-Central Wisconsin cities of Stoughton, Evansville and Brodhead combine for over 1.3 million square feet of manufacturing space under roof, but it is the fact that Stoughton pays extra special attention to the types of things that other dry van manufacturers neglect, that makes this a good fit for Quality Trailers. Representing Stoughton Trailers, Quality Trailers can make sure to provide our customers with the most durable, productive, and reliable dry van trailers on the road today.

Stoughton Dry Van – From engineering to assembly, Stoughton dry van trailers are designed to give your fleet a competitive advantage. Quality Trailers have several trailers for sale, but when you choose to buy Stoughton from us, you get more than just a dry van trailer. You get to experience the difference in quality and craftsmanship of a Stoughton brand trailer over that of other dry van trailer manufacturer.

Quality Trailers together with Stoughton Trailers, currently offer four different types of configurations of semi truck trailers for sale.
– Aluminum Sheet & Post
– Extra Wide
– Tough Plate
– Z Plate
– Effective November 2016, all Stoughton Dry Van Trailers come standard with our Rear Impact Guard, providing greater protection to the motoring public in event of a collision at the rear corners of the trailer.

Reefer – Stoughton’s PureBlue refrigerated trailer is an innovative, conventionally designed trailer that is more thermally efficient, lighter weight & safer than other competitive trailers on the road today. The use of bonded side posts reduces the number of holes in the sidewalls to aid in preventing moisture intrusion into the trailer. Composite framing used in the front wall & rear doors optimizes thermal efficiency & reduces overall weight, letting you haul more product. Minimizing air loss with a triple wiper seal on the rear doors helps protect your cargo from the elements.

– Couple these features with Stoughton’s focus on safety with the new underride guard & already legendary durability & you can see why PureBlue is the refrigerated trailer that will set a new industry standard for performance.

Gincor Truck and Trailer Werx

Quality Trailers has teamed with Gincor for the purpose of providing an extremely well built steel trailer for all applications of transport. GINCOR TRUCK & TRAILER WERX manufactures and distributes steel platform trailers to meet any application, as well as Live Bottom Trailers. Every component and design element is chosen with longevity and ease of use in mind.

Here at Quality Trailers we believe Live Bottom Trailers are the future of aggregate hauling to work sites and are proud to team up with an industry leader.

Gincor Super B Steel Flat Bed – It starts with a bulletproof chassis. Fabricated main I-beams are a step above the competition by using 130,000 T1 steel, LED Wiring, and PPG Delfleet Essential paint set this trailer apart from its competition.

Gincor Drop Deck – Available in various lengths and axle configurations

Gincor “Pit Boss” Live Bottom – Starting with the basic design, 60-degree wall, heavy duty roller chain, Hardox 450 Steel from hitch to gate, top of the line hydraulic components, motors, and gear boxes can handle heavy and sticky loads. Aggregate or asphalt, the “Pit Boss” series of live bottoms are the right choice.

Doonan Specialized Trailer

Doonan Trailer provides its customers with a complete product offering of all-steel and all-aluminum flatbeds, drop decks, and double drop trailers. While Quality trailers represent the entire Doonan line, we are focused in the lightweight aluminum trailer segment and Chaparral brand allows us to represent the lightest weight trailer series on the market.

Chaparral II Drop – The Chaparral II™ drop deck is an aluminum main beam trailer that features an all-steel neck. The new neck design was taken from the Doonan Black Gold™ and is actually stronger and lighter than the previous Chaparral™ combination steel/aluminum neck. While drop deck trailers are generally between 48’ and 53’ long and 102” wide, Doonan produces them anywhere from 30’ to 60’ in length and 114” in width.

Chaparral Flat – The Chaparral II™ flatbed, with a starting weight of 8,000 lbs. uses a bolt together construction to allow for easy maintenance of floor boards, side rails, cross-members, front plates, and rear plates. Available in 48’, 53’ and custom lengths and axle configurations.

Precision Trailers

Custom Trailers built with Precision!

A wide range of trailers with all the features you’ll need to efficiently haul your loads. Precision Trailers offers a comprehensive line of trailers including deck above, lo-boys and tilting deck models. Whatever your requirements – industrial, construction, agriculture or recreation – we’ll custom build your trailer and equip it with all the features you’ll need to efficiently haul your loads. Our trailers, manufactured by expert and experienced builders at Brantwood Colony, range from 10-48 feet with axles from 2,500-22,500 lbs. Designed and engineered to withstand the rigors of a Canadian winter, Precision Trailers offers exceptional strength and durability. Whatever the demands of your industry, whatever the scope of your individual needs, we can custom-build a reliable trailer that will work beyond your expectations.

Goosenecks – Precision Trailers’ gooseneck series deliver durability and reliability. For general farm use to hotshot or long haul trucking. The gooseneck series trailers are available in a Flatbed, Beavertail Ramp, and Tilting Deck models. The gooseneck hitch makes for smooth, easy pulling, either across the field or down the highway. 

Bumper Pull – The bumper hitch makes for convenient hookups and easy pulling. Precision offers 5 Bumper Pull models; Compact Utility, Deck Above, General Duty, Heavy Duty Tilting Deck, and Heavy Duty Equipment Trailers.

Pintle Hitch – Precision Pintle Hitch trailers are available in a range of models to match your range of loads. They offer axle combinations from 7000 lb. axles up to a 22.5K airbrake system.

Dumps – Precision Dumps are available in a Bumper Pull as well as in a Gooseneck model. With Precision, you get a dump trailer engineered to work and designed to do more. The Scissor hoist lift system is job sized and engineered for positive lifting and clean out.

Extreme Trailers

We are trailer manufacturers here for the fleet owners, trucking companies and owner operators. Extreme Trailers, LLC is not your everyday trailer manufacturing company. We are the game changers looking for customers who won’t settle for second best. We are the premier manufacturers of industry leading products for the commercial trucking industry with our industry best tare weight flatbed trailers, step deck trailers, multi-axle trailers, dump trailers and more. We are changing the way customers think about doing business. Extreme Trailers – we are Innovation Moving Forward.

Platform Trailers – When you’re hauling heavy, you’ll want a trailer that handles big payloads at the lightest tare weight on the market. That’s Extreme Trailers, LLC. The leader in the industry for lowest tare weights and strongest decking, our patent-pending, engineered safety and maintenance features are designed to increase your bottom line. Our patented design removes 1,000 lbs. to 1,800 lbs. depending on application. Whether you need a tandem axle, multi-axle, B-Train trailer or a unit that meets Canadian SPIF requirements, our platform trailers give you the flexibility you want in a unit.

Step Deck Trailers – We are setting a new standard for long life and low maintenance. Extreme’s Step Deck (XS Series) trailers are the lightest and strongest on the market. Available in standard lengths from 48ft to 53ft, we also offer options for your special applications that include 28ft, 32ft, 45ft and 51ft lengths. Our patent-pending design, the lightest trailer on the market, reduces tare weight by 1,000 – 1,600 lbs. and boasts 35%-50% stronger decking. When you add up reduced tare weight, reduced maintenance, reduced downtime, and better back hauls, you know it’s more profit to your bottom line.

Dump Trailers – When you’re hauling heavy, you’ll want a trailer that handles big payloads at the lightest tare weight on the market. The Extreme Trailers patent-pending, engineered safety and maintenance features are designed to increase your bottom line. Regardless of your needs for a tandem or multi-axle trailer or Canadian SPIF requirements, the Extreme Trailers XD series gives you the flexibility you are looking for in a unit.