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  • MPI accredited (Autopac claims)
  • Aluminum welding (Pulse & Rapid)
  • Extrusion welding (Bed-liners)
  • Suspensions
  • Bed-Liners (Quadrant Liners: Quicksilver, Durapro, Hulk Liner)
  • Tarps (Michel’s Industries)
  • Lift Axles
  • Side Rails
  • Cross-Members
  • Upper Coupler Replacements
  • Grain Shoot Installations
  • Complete roll over repairs
  • Wheel Alignments
  • General Maintenance
  • Fleet Servicing
  • Diagnose and repair complex plumbing and valving
  • And of course .. Anything and everything to do with trailers.

Service – Products

Load Covering Solutions – roll tight system

Our research led us to provide the BEST Roll Tight System on the market today

  • Strong, Full-framed header
  • Impact Guard ensures
    • – Less downtime & damage
  • Stainless Steel V-rollers provide longevity
    • – Don’t wear out like typical plastic wheels
  • Rear Lock and Load
    • – Best Tensioning Gear on the market
  • Fully Customizable bold Graphics
    • – to Brand your business

Quadrant – high performance liners


These high-performance dump truck liners are designed to clean-out & clean-up some of the toughest materials including hot asphalt from winter freeze to summer heat.

  • Releases sticky materials, means faster load release, less equipment damage, reduced the chance of tip over, less wear on hoists, minimal clean-up and reduced downtime
  • Less friction than the competition
  • Lifetime Warranty, up to 1/8” wear


  • Our economy Liner
  • 5 Year Warranty – up to 1/8” wear
  • Suitable for everyday aggregate

The “Hulk”

  • Extreme abrasion resistance & impact
  • Good for: riprap, pig iron, crushed glass, bottom ash, auto fluff
  • Proven in the logging industry for 30 years


Dura-flip – Aluminum arm flip tarp system

  • Crank Assembly
    • – Lower Chain driven crank assembly provides positive traction to reduce operating time
    • – Plated for corrosion resistance
  • Aluminum Arms
    • – Stronger than steel
    • – Most durable on the market
  • Tarpaulin Fabrics
    • – Many options available
  • Rear Locking Mechanism
    • – Utilizes a hook and grab technique
    • – Rear cross member can be locked and then the tarp can be tightened preventing premature wear
  • Helical Torsion Spring & Cover
    • – Provide equal resistance and tension during operation
  • Wind Deflector
    • – Cast aluminium elbows together with the extruded aluminium arms create superior strength and corrosion resistance

Gravel Guard

  • No tie downs – No wasted time
  • Rear tension adjustment is simple and easy to use
  • Electric chain drive or optional belt drive available

Side Kick

  • Torsion Spring
    • – Allows for a smooth operation
  • Drive Box
    • – Increases torque and reduces tension
  • Compression Spring
    • – Provides great lift for larger loading capacity